Let's start by dealing with this category of sites and applications that use artificial intelligence to create both SFW and NSFW video content, by saying that the potential reserved for the public is still low.
Although software that exploits these algorithms for editing is widely used by cinema and entertainment professionals, the potential of these tools for generating content from scratch is still very limited.
At the current state of the art, with the sites we present here, it is possible to create pseudo-videos and gifs of a few seconds in which the animation is very forced and not very natural.
With these tools, it is not possible to create videos in which the dynamic of images succession is well-defined; currently, the results are still of poor quality and mainly consist of minimal periodic animations of some elements of the character's body in the foreground or of the partial rotation of the background.


When we started exploring this feature, we were surprised by the huge difference in results between sites that create videos from scratch and face swap or image editing sites used to create deepfake video content.
Although both use similar artificial intelligence algorithms, the former give very poor results as mentioned above, while the latter guarantee a higher quality of the generated product, but we must keep in mind that these work on already existing videos and are limited to working on the face or on a specific detail of the character indicated by the user.
Generating videos from scratch with AI poses its limits mainly in the stability of the dynamics of the sequences, and in the creation of scene details.
If users can overcome the second limit by adding details in the command prompt, for the first, we have to wait for the AI to identify with directors and operators, which translates into important upgrades for the algorithm.
Even the dynamics with which the human body is modified to follow the progress of the shot is often unnatural and damages the physiognomy of the model present in the image. Body movements are jerky, and details overlap, ruining the image.
Of note, however, is the speed with which improvements and updates are added, which gives us hope that we will soon arrive at important results.


In theory no, but also yes.
As mentioned, the state of the art is far from the self-generation of videos of comparable quality to those created by a crew or a simple human subject, however the speed with which these tools improve suggests that they could soon be used to replace us in a series of products with low production requirements (social reels, short commercials), with the ambition of being able to auto-generate entire pieces of more critical products such as shorts, telenovelas, films, etc.
Given the difficulty in reproducing movements, for now, its use in porn is practically nil, except for these modest generators found online.


If, as mentioned, the quality of the content generated is still low, nothing stops you from using these sites to create hot and funny gifs. In our opinion, for now, this is the best use that can be made of these tools.
That is, exploit them without pretensions to have fun and create hilarious little clips in which even the bugs of these algorithms can add comical elements to the final product.
It often happens that the generators add fingers, limbs, or unnatural physical details that can be read comically.
Clearly, you can add them too by indicating your wishes in the usual command prompt; try it!


Clearly, if a technological innovation appears in the world, the porn market is one of the first to move to absorb it and use it for its own purposes.
And in fact here is our list of sites that allow the generation of porn videos and gifs, using the same prompts or tags that can be used for generating and editing images.
If you are a curious wanker or a horny nerd with a passion for these technologies, click and check out the sites we have collected here for you.
As mentioned above, you will discover a new world that has yet to be developed but promises enormous potential for the future.
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With Pornify, you can create brief but high-quality NSFW videos from scratch. Unlike most other AI Video & Gif Generators that we've seen until now, Pornify also allow the VR videos generation.

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Promptchan AI

When it comes to the most accurate AI video and GIF generators that support NSFW content, Promptchan stands out as one of the most advanced and user-friendly platforms out there.


One of the very best AI NSFW sites for GIFs and videos is Porn Journey. You can join it for free and start creating content that fulfills your dirtiest desires.

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Thanks to this amazing feature of the website, you can create brief video clips and NSFW GIFs starring anyone you desire. Try it out today for free! review recently introduced an excellent AI video creation function. Operation is very simple and intuitive, using the usual command prompt line. Very good!