The first innovation that AI technologies have introduced in the various markets mainly concerns the automatic manipulation of images, a function that at the beginning was mainly found in the algorithms for automatic retouching of the photos we take with our smartphones.
Since technologies that exploit artificial intelligence began to be massively present on the market, finding various applications usable by the public, such as sites and apps for the automatic generation of images and texts, companies have begun to reveal the presence of these algorithms to the public inside our smartphones, especially high-end ones.
Here suddenly revealed how that friend of yours with Parkinson's manages to take perfect photos of running fawns, how the "night" mode manages to recreate light and illuminate what is fucking dark like day, how by taking a photo of a fucking white dot you can see the surface of the moon, etc.
I was stunned when, one evening in the Swiss mountains, a friend of mine showed me the photo he had taken of the moon...the one taken from my old smartphone could be directly deleted; it was practically a blurry white dot in the middle of black/green looked like one of those photos taken by mistake when you have the phone in your pocket without the key lock. On his latest generation Chinese phone, however, he could see the craters of our satellite by zooming in.
Years later, as mentioned before, the mystery was revealed to us.
He hadn't installed a fucking space telescope in the phone, but it was the AI that modified the photo during its creation by adjusting lights, shapes, and adding details...crazy.
Now that the market is ready, we see that the introduction of this technology is not hidden but sponsored (see latest Samsung commercials in Europe) and finally, everyone can stop posing as great internationally renowned photographers.


What can I do with these sites? Legitimate question.
The types of modifications that can be made to images are varied; first of all, after registering on the sites in question, you upload the photo you want to modify. Once loaded, we enter the description of the change we want to make in a text string called prompt and wait for the new image to be generated.
It is possible to replace a subject's clothing or haircut, add elements to the photo, replace or extend the background, and mix the contents of two photos, creating a “blend.”... in general, you can do whatever your imagination allows you to write in a text prompt.
Surely, you have understood on your own that with these tools, you can also remove clothes from the subject of a photo... for those sites that offer this function, we have created a dedicated category; they are called AI nudifier sites, and they use the same technology.


Most of the image editing sites that exist are not directly related to the world of adult entertainment; To be honest, we didn't care much about this feature, but since some of the AI porn sites we have analyzed offered it, we said to ourselves: why not? Let's add them and fuck off.
So here, you will not find all the image editing sites or apps on the internet, but only those that explicitly offer content or functions related to the world of porn.
If you want them all, sit there patiently and go look for them; there's an ocean of them now.


What is the difference between the changes made by AI and those that a person can make using software like Photoshop or similar?
Another legitimate question that we also asked ourselves (while we were drunk).
First of all, there is potential in common between the two tools, but the first advantage that AI gives us is undoubtedly the speed of generating changes compared to those created manually by a human person.
Secondly, we can note AI's extraordinary ability to "invent" extensions of matter that traditional software is unable to reproduce. Using software, it's possible to cut/copy and add or remove elements to an image, but when it comes to extending one, the situation is different.
Imagine having to extend the background on a photo or having to fill a hole in an image...well this is where these technologies can really be useful and make a difference.
Seeing is believing.
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