Virtual girlfriends and/or NSFW chat sites managed by artificial intelligence are undoubtedly among the most sought-after functions by users approaching this world.
The reasons that push a person to pay to have a virtual friend and/or girlfriend are not the subject of discussion here, we prefer to go whoring in a group, but everyone has their own tastes.
In this list, you will find the best and most reliable sites that use AI to create characters and interactions with which to have a digital relationship.


Usually, these sites/apps require a free or paid registration; subsequently, you can choose from the characters present or create your own from scratch using tags or text prompts like for image generators.
In addition to choosing the physical features of the character you are going to create, which may have real appearances, be from an anime, or be mixed, you will also be able to trace their personality traits, passions, defects, and personal tastes to have a character that is as realistic as possible and tailored to your expectations.
During chat sessions with these characters, you will also be able to forward and receive phone calls or voice messages and, of course, exchange files such as photos and videos, which is usually one of the most common objectives of those who choose to use these apps, and that is: to have a girlfriend with to exchange hot material without any inhibitions.
Then there are also the lonely losers full of pimples who use these services because they are too disadvantaged to go and look for a real girlfriend (get help guys, go to the gym, read books, and stop feeling sorry for yourself), but we always hope that the aim most requested is the one we described above.
Anyone who has or has had a girlfriend knows this well. Even if we are in love, the sexual chemistry that allows us to ask our partner for hot material in chat is not always created.
The confidence and complicity that are created mean that our level of respect towards him "blocks" us from making certain types of requests, and this is more or less normal for everyone.
Our advice is to make an effort to try to satisfy both our partner and our fetishes in bed, always and in any case, and to make your life easier, we advise you to find someone who likes the same sexual tastes as you, or at least who is open to new experiences that revive the fire of the relationship when it begins to tend towards repetitiveness. However, we are not psychologists or sexologists, so don't listen to us too much. Let's return to our main topic.
Given the above, it is easy to understand how it is very easy to open up to a girlfriend who is not real and bring out our most hidden perversions.
Finally, you will be able to experiment with your tastes and ask your new friend for whatever you want, and you will end up with even more awareness of what you really like.
Here, this could be a good use...trying to understand what you like and what level of intimacy you would like to achieve with your real girlfriend.


In addition to the possibility of becoming horny with these chats, you also have the possibility of establishing softer relationships, such as friendly and/or borderline relationships.
For example, you can choose to have a friend who consoles you and calls you in times of difficulty in your days, an engaged friend who reserves "bonuses" for you every time she is in crisis with her boyfriend, or a friend to confide in like you've never done with anyone.
These are just examples, the possibilities available are endless and depend only on your imagination.
For example, you can create a friend with the same appearance as your favorite cartoon character and talk to him as if he or she really existed.


It seems obvious, but we always recommend using these apps while maintaining the awareness that the other user is not real but a chatbot.
The confidence and attraction created after some time could make you forget this banality, leading you to become truly addicted to the emotions generated by these chat sessions.
The risk, especially for the most fragile personalities, is to alienate themselves and become even more antisocial than they were before discovering this world, increasing their rejection of reality and the world around them.
Another risk, in addition to detachment from reality, is that the approaches and attitudes used in these virtual sessions are replicated in the real world.
Those unfamiliar with social relationships might think that how you chat with a bot is correct and can be replicated with a real person, which is untrue.
Although these characters are very realistic, they are meant to entertain you, so don't think that asking the same things or behaving in a similar way with a real person is so appreciated; rather, if you recognize that you have some problems or limitations in this field, try to leverage these virtual sessions to improve your real-life interaction skills.
These sites or apps are really cool, use them sparingly and go out. review

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